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Youth Cooperative Entrepreneurship campaign

WE OWN IT!  is a campaign for youth cooperative entrepreneurship to let the world know how young people can satisfy their needs & contribute to a better society through worker, social and producers’ cooperatives. For any further information, download the fundraising introductory document here.

WE OWN IT! is funded with donations from organisations and people from all around the globe. The funds required to implement it as planned still need to be collected. Would you like to make a contribution?

You can choose to support one specific action or several ones:

  • As a sponsor: Organizations and enterprises willing to provide direct financial support. Sponsors will have their logo published in all the outputs of the campaign. The minimum amount to be a sponsor is 5,000 €.
  • As a donor: Donations by organizations, enterprises or individuals can also be made to enhance the campaign.
  • As a partner: To help promote and create contents for the campaign.
Download the Estimated Budget of the Youth Cooperative Entrepreneurship campaign here.

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